So I'm talking to this guy and I need to know if he's a Christian or not but I don't know how to ask him without scaring him away. Any advice?

We've been taking for about 2 weeks but I'm really starting to like him. I want to know before it goes any further. Thanks!


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  • Just ask him if he is. If he is, then he won't be offended. And if he's not, then who cares if you scare off some hell bound, Godless heathen?


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  • Just ask. I don't know why he would be scared off. If he's Christian, he will be glad you asked, if not, then you will know. The only way he will be scared off is if he is not. If he is not, you don't want to be with him anyway, right? So it doesn't really matter if he gets scared off anyway, right?

  • Why does religion have to be a deciding factor?

    • Maybe because its important to her? It doesn't affect you does it? I'm sure you have boundaries too.

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    • Speaking for myself, the Bible says a Christian should not be unequally yoked to a non-christian in relationships. It only causes problems. Its better to avoid potential problems in relationships. Not just romantic relationships but any. That's why many Christians think how we do. We believe in the Bible which is a book that tells us about God and how he works. It also gives us insight about things that are good to do and things that are best to be avoided to have a more harmonious life. If we claim to be a Christian and believe the Bible then we should strive to live by it. Its a choice we have made. We usually believe we should either do our best to abide by it or forget about it, not back and forth and wishy-washy. That's why. Many people don't like what we choose but that's ok.

    • Saying "many people don't like what we do" makes the masses (millions) of Christians seem so special and subject to oppression. Anyway, yes, the bible does teach you good things, habits, and preaches good deeds to perform, but how come you listen to it? If I were to kill families and villages and just create an Angel called Satan that gets to be my scapegoat for all my bad deeds, would you still listen and follow me? Oh yes you would because if you don't, you'll be damned for the rest of your afterlife. Fear me.
      You can take the GOOD NATURE of any book and teaching and apply it to your own lifestyle because there's nothing wrong with being kind at all. If a book has to tell you what defines that, its kind of stupid. Live, love, and learn.

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