Does my crush like me back?

I REALLY like this guy. I don't know if he likes me back tough. In gym he got infront of somebody to be behind be and in band everytime I look back at the percussion section, I see him staring at me. What does any of this mean? Is it just a coincidence or what?

(P. S. This is gym like the class you are required to take in Middle School, not a fitness gym)


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  • Gym ahh the gym... Gym is a place you don't mess with men or anyone it's there 100% I alone for 10-20 seconds no bother me! Even for a wife/man after that life back till they finish workout. By the way... Think of another place besides the gym to get a BF... This people that work out say good place for a hook up or a date. Cuz the befor them said it.

    He's looking at you as: girl... Stop looking at me while I lifting it's annoying. And it's hard to lift weights.

    He thinks he's showing off to much when he not doing that and he just thinking another girl thinks I showing off.. God dam girl I not doing that.

    A girl looks at me at the gym I look back then I just like. Yeppp w/e she thinks I'm a playa because I lift heavy...

    That's why I go to the gym, workout and leave.
    I hate when girls judge you as a "show off" "playaaaa" "you'll never get this boy ^_^" at the gym it so not cool and you don't know me..

    • PE class not Gym as in a fitness gym.

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