I need some help, about this girl?

So I met this girl like months ago. And we started talking, I'm kinda a player and I felt different about this girl. So I asked her out and she blew me off twice. She seamed like she liked me a lot and was real sorry she couldn't go out, so I just let it go. And started seeing other girls again, and I stopped talking to her all the time like we use to, so it's been like three weeks since we even texted, and she text me today saying what's up. I'm just a little confused on why she would.


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  • But are you really interested in her or are you just looking for another girl to use? It seems as if you were not really THAT interested in her if you were so easily to move on to the next. A girl like her, you need to try a little harder and have patience. She probably knows all about your reputation! She's now probably figuring out if you are truly sincere, or just another player. That's why she contacted you again. Or maybe she just wants to kill time with texting lol.

    Guys, you can get reputations to! You don't seem to not realize that. The moment women find out a guy is a player and going from one girl to the other you become less attractive. Yes, that's unfortunately how shit works. It's not only women who get bad rep. Men get bad rep to.


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  • girls like what they can't have

    • What do you mean bro, I think if she asked me. I would give her another chance. But I'm not gona ask her.

    • what i mean is when you wanted her she was playing hard to get now since you are a player you are not used to girls playing hard to get so she was into you and wanted to act like a lady right then you didn't give a fuck (exactly what i would have done) and dated other girls she saw that and felt a little jealous so now she want's you because she can't have you i hate all these games but i understand how they work

    • Exactly bro, I hate these stupid games.

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