Is he afraid he will lose my friendship if he confessed?

LONG story. Here goes:

Been best friends with this guy for two years. He's told me he hasn't got feelings for me but his actions says otherwise:

He would playfully nudge me while walking
Hug me goodbye-sometimes tight hugs with his head resting on mine
He kisses me on the forehead/temple occasionally
He tries to lift m up while hugging
Plays with my nose a bit

Another friend of mine had feelings for me but because I didn't return these feelings I ended my friendship with him. Is my best friend afraid that if he had feelings for me, I'd end our friendship too? But I have feelings for him but always denied it.

UGH. Its so messy.


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  • There's one way I can think of that will answer your question AND not put anything at risk.

    It's time for you to take a TINY step.
    If you like him and want to be with him you should do something very subtle but enough for him to get a sign, even doubt (because most guys find it difficult to catch hints, me included ^^). Maybe like after he kisses your forehead you say in a playful tone "my turn" and kiss his forehead.

    That's just an example but you do something like that and play around with it. Eventually the kissing on the forehead won't be enough and either you or him will naturally make something out of it.
    If he doesn't want anything more than friends he'll stop it at a certain point... but I honestly don't think he will.

    Good luck.


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  • He has feelings for you, so you can say it clearly to him. I think even if you have feelings for him and. He does not have feelings for you he will continue friendship. Just get romantic with him before asking question like after a nice bike ride is whatever he is passionate about.

  • It is also happening with me..
    I can surely say that he has feeling for you but he is not saying to you...


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