Could it be she blocked me on Facebook and whats app, after posting on fb , that it was time to move on... read details, your respectfull view?

We were dating for a month and everything went great, and there were no tell signs for her leaving me, to make it even more unaccaptable, she texted me, that we aren't allowed to be together, yes she is a 24 yo single mom. She really completely ignored me when i tried to talk to her again, invane, she doesn't talk about her emotions or anything at all, she is a closed book, then later i posted on my fb wall that i didn't deserve the way she treated me, and that i think its time to move on. i deleted that post rather quickly , within 30 minutes or so, next day, late in the evening , she sends me a message letting me know that she did read that message. someone who couldnt care less, wouldn't even take that step. i didn't respond, next day i receive an angry message, no idea what it was about. i decided not to respond, because she clearly was in an emotional state. few days later i texted her, Hi, how are you doing, she replied, im ok, then next day, i wanted to read our conversation, and this stupid fb messenger, i touched a button and it sended this thumbs up, symbol, so i wrote sorry, wrong button, and then wrote, about my post well uhmm... then she blocked me from FB, Whatsapp. i dont know why, i wasn't rude to her or anything, she wants it this way, im sincere about my feelings, and not about to give up, but it does tire me a lot, i feel emotinally drained. she is a damaged girl, to make things worse, she shows certain traits of borderline. so why did she block me, what can i do, to establish an open and nice contact with her again. all the time she is acting hot and cold to me, now today, when she left work she turned around, while holding her phone in her hand, and threw a small glance at me. just for a brief moment, she was about first to leave, but left last. how to aproach someone like this, im thinking about staying friendly, glancing back now and then, or start the glancing, and later, ask her in her language ( polish ) for a casual meet up:)

your views please, what could be her reason for blocking me, i dont see any
would be great there hear other peoples views


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  • from the details I can see that she isn't ready emotionally for a relationship. she wanted to get herself on the horse again but she couldn't. it was too much for her to handle. I can see she has issues. she must of had a bad experience or some kind of trauma...
    the best thing to do is to stay friendly , not too close , not too far : greetings and casual short conversation, not all the time. keeping distance is crucial. If you're interested she will eventually approach you !
    stay strong :D

    • yeah ill think ill do that, maybe start a small conversation, asking her how she's doing, just light etc,,, 2 minutes max or so, i just need the perfect moment for it, when she is alone, because she hardly talks when other people are around, maybe also my mistake, calling for her to be reasonable when her colleagues were around.

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    • OMG ! that's Harsh ! think about it this way ! if didn't do whatever he did and if he didn't go to Jail you wouldn't of gone out with her ! you still have a chance ! just don't rush things and give her space ! let her choose you with her own free will. ^^

      stay strong !

    • yeah, problem is people told me she needs someone who is hard to her, i think she doesnt, today she looked at me before leaving the hotel, i can't figure her out, i do feel i have chance but she is a closed book, i dont know what she does in her spare time, last i did check her profile on fb, she had a picture there of her with a necklace on, she has gotten for her birthday, no one idea from who, but if she was over me, we could have normal conversations and she would pretented nothing ever happened and that it was just a mistake, no she doesnt, she does keep looking at me, but only when her colleagues can't see it. i dont know what it means, and why she blocked me. ill ask her in 2 weeks time, after showing some slight interest in her, for a casual meet up. ill do it in polish to make her smile:) showing her ill take some extra effort to make her comfortable

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  • Ahhh social media drama. Drop it and move on from her. Spare yourself a lot of confusion and pain as you see you spent an entire paragraph about it.

    • fuck social media really, i feel social media destroys more relationships then it actually has a benifit. i still feel that she still has some feelings for me, but they are burried deep away, for what ever reason. if i have a gf, i will ask her, to spend lesser time on social media or delete some clingy morons, im not the jealous type but i can't stand it if losers on the internet are hitting on the girl you are occupied with, i think any guy hates that.

    • Now you have the right attitude! Social media is doing the very opposite its name implies. It drives people apart. I know people who have friends in real life, but they never get together, they just "talk" over facebook. Even if they live 10 minutes, they facebook, they text, they email.

      You have the right attitude. Even if she does have some feelings for you, there's nothing you can do but move on. If she comes back to you (in the real world of course) then go from there.

    • thx, yeah i could notice that a lot of guys are hitting on her, and ok i trust her enouhg, but currently i dont know were im at, since she blocked me. i think there is a difference between blocking someone, or deleting someone and flat out ignoring that person. blocking it means i dont want to speak to you, for what ever reason, deleting and ignoring means, get lost, leave me alone. pethathic social media science. ill do it like this, ill wait a while walk up to her have a short casual conversation with her, and ask her to meet me up, and give her my adress, if you ever like to drop by, and check my place, you know where to find me. huhmm gotta try one more time, next to falling for her, she is also a good looking girl, she has a wonderfull body i can't stop fascinating about, we were intimate but never took it a step further thats the part that hurts the most, i dont find sex important, but it felt right for us to have it, its a next step, hmmmm i gotta give it some time