HELP ! I said my ex's name by accident!!!?

I'm with my current boyfriends 6 months.. I have fallen have over heels, never felt like this about anyone..

I have an ex who has the nickname of "shortie".. It wasn't serious with him and I didn't have a lot of feelings but I see him some times on a coffee shop where I hang out!

So today I was walking with my bf and he playfully grabbed my boob.. and I said as a joke "ooooh ! What if Mike (math teacher) was there or Rob (science teacher) was there?" After that I wanted to say what if "boldie" was there ( another teacher of ours) but my brain completed farted out " And what if shortie was there?"

I know it's not much but he was sad after that and I understand where he is coming from.. I apologised and I told him that I wasn't thinking about him but of course he didn't believe me... So what do I do now?

  • It's not that serious.. (tell me what to do)
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  • It happens. He has to get over it. You made a mistake, holding your ass over a fire over it is emotionally manipulative behavior.

    • I don't think he will rub it in.. It's just I really don''t want to lose him so I king of make every mistake I make a way bigger deal than it might be..

    • Take a deep breath. It'll be ok.

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What Guys Said 2

  • Welll shyeeeet.
    That's gonna be awkward later on.

  • The subconscious slipped through. No big deal.


What Girls Said 1

  • I think you really should express how sorry you are, and tell him why you said that and what you were thinking at the time when you said that

    • I didn't think anything it just came out fir some reason...

    • He must've been subconsciously in your mind at the time. Maybe come up with a white lie and tell him you were thinking about him the other day and how much of a terrible boyfriend he was? If that was why you and your ex broke up?