He makes the plans to hang out and then blows me off?

So last saturday, this guy and I (we've been talking for 2 months and have hung out at least 3 times before this) went to lunch before I had to go to work. It was kinda rushed, but he wanted to see me since he got back in town. The night before, he texted and called me to ask if I was busy Saturday and I said just work around 5. So we're at lunch and having a great time and he asked me if I told anyone he was back in town and I said "no." and he was like "good because I don't want anyone to know, I just want to hang out with you." So the lunch was going really well and then I let it slip that I wasn't working Sunday (very casually haha) and he asked "well do you want to hang out again tomorrow then? we could go to a movie or that trampoline place you wanted to go to? sometime after 12?" and I said "Sure, yeah, sounds good!" And the next day, he didn't call, text or get in any contact with me and ignored my messages asking if he still wanted to go out. I was so confused and hurt! Still am, really. We have a really good connection, everyone at our work place thinks were dating, we talk a lot (used to be every day but it dwindled), we have things in common, we love spending time together, my parents like him and he likes my parents, and it just seemed like it was going so well and now it's stressful. He's been having money issues and also quit his job and left his apartment and is trying to get it all back so I'm wondering if it's just that or is it something that I did?

Thanks (: He did answer me back today, but something didn't feel the same. So I'm probably just going to chill and try not to think about him for a bit. If he comes back now that he has a new job, then he comes back, but I'm not gonna stress anymore.


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  • Well, I would say you don't know this guy too well, so don't look for having a serious relationship with him yet, it might be that due to his financial problems he is really working hard and trying to get everything sorted out or the only other explanation I can think of is, he borrowed money from someone and he is just running away from them. In any case as I said earlier, you really have no idea about this guy, get to know him first.

    • We've known each other for quite awhile, we worked together until he quit. I know him pretty well, because we were friends before ever hanging out and getting to know each other more. We even took a trip together to Pennsylvania because he wanted me to come and help him with his car. The borrowed money thing is probably true because he literally had nothing and then suddenly has some money to get around. I just wish he'd let me because everyone we know is so shocked he didn't tell me of all people.

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    • I feel as though I will come off as annoying though. :( He hasn't called or texted me for a week. I asked if he was mad at me for something, but he didn't respond. Should I just give it a few more days and then maybe ask him again what the problem is? Because apparently, after he blew me off last sunday, that Tuesday he was out at bonfire party. So I don't know if I did something wrong or offensive or not? I literally can not think of anything I did wrong, so I don't know why he's acting this way. :(

    • I seriously doubt you would have done something to offend him, (from what I have known you so far), I will still say he isn't the guy for you. He wouldn't just ingore your calls and party around if he would have cared about you, but if you still trust him, then give him sometime he might get back to you.

      ... and don't think about this too much, its a part of life, relax, go out have some fun, take a break maybe it will help, and above all smile, he might crawl back to you seeing you happy. :)

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