So a female friend just stole the number of a girl I like, do you think she'll contact her?

She's a nice enough friend but i deliberately told her almost nothing about this girl so that nobody could mess it up for me. Now she has stolen her number off me?

... if it were you would you contact her?


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  • What is your equation with this female friend. Is she just teasing you, or u think she's jealous of the other girl?

    • She has a boyfriend but she knows i like her and at one point she tried to get me to ask her out, but as i say she has a boyfriend now (even if she is unhappy with him) and we seem to have moved into friendship

    • Maybe, she's just pulling your leg. But I hope she doesn't actually contact her. I have always considered love sacred, even if it just begins as an infatuation. The initial period is so delicate. Hope your friend realizes this.

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  • tell the woman you like about that. warn her not to pick up the phone in random numbers. make a move at her before your female frinds gets to her. tell your female friend that this is childish and to lose the number if she really is a friend

  • I hope she doesn't, for your case. That would be so awkward, to receive such a call :-|

    • i know right, she doesn't even know the girl's name, but I don't want her b*tching to this girl behind my back :/

    • Sucks! Just make it clear to her to not ever call her, you will call her yourself. What a shitty thing! The girl is going to think (literally this) "what the hell is this, why is this girl calling, asking me personal stuff, talking about Anonymous.. ow he's behind this. what is THIS about" No that's not charming dude! That's really not cool. I don't want to scare you. Just have a good talk to your friend

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