I am seeing this girl who has understandable trust issues, because of an ex asshole who cheated on her. I have nothing to hide from her how do I show her that? I have no issues with her going through any of my stuff, phone, laptop, social media sites, I have nothing to hide. We are seeing each other long distance. How do I make her trust me?


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  • As a girl with a somewhat similar disposition right now, I think you're doing just about as much as you can. You can't MAKE her feel anything. She is going to have to work through that hurt and mistrust on her own, and you can help in supporting her, but don't take it personally if she takes a while. For someone with trust issues, actions not words are what become most important. And this relationship being long distance, actions will be hard to get across. You're already doing a lot, but know that showing you really DO care for her is the most important thing. Phone calls, loving messages, gifts, find however she best receives love and be sure to frequently and sincerely affirm that for her.

    • Yeah I know I can't make her trust me just didn't know how to ask it lol

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  • Ok, the first thing you have to understand is that you are not a white knight charged with saving the damsel in distress. Her issues with her ex are not your issues or your problem. SHE needs to work on her trust issues with you.

    What you can do is be upfront with what you're doing. Call (or text or message) her and say "I'm going out with a friend tonight, so if you don't hear from me, I'll talk to you tomorrow". or "I'm really busy with work, so I'll be spotty", so she has a reasonable knowledge of your whereabouts.