Friends? F***? Fun? Cuddle buddy?

I met this guy on a dating website and we've been talking for months now, nothing serious just friends. I've added him on FB and IG so I know he's real and what type of guy he is based on how he talks and acts with others.

Now here's where I can't read him, he's always giving me mixed signals.. he'll start off being very flirty and tell me he doesn't want just a one night thing but he ALWAYS asks me to go over and just cuddle and watch movies. Now to all of us we kind know where that goes lol. But he is well aware that's not me and he won't get far at all.

He said he was offended that I was saying he was after easy girls and just a one night thing. He is 24 and a teacher and he wants something more out of it not Sex or FWB. Oh plus I've never met him in person yet! We go days talking to each other for hours (txt, snap chat etc) then there are days when we don't talk.

I'm starting to just not care but I don't know if I'm maybe just thinking he's another one "of those guys".

Plus I have 1 year old (single parent) and I work full time and he's always busy too he's a teacher and a basketball coach. We're always doing something. I just don't think this will work at least maybe not now..

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  • To me it doesn't look like you're head over heels about this guy, and you're already imagining it won't be easy to have something with him so you've already started pushing him away a little bit.

    You can stay friends with him but if you feel this will not lead to a place you're interested in, then just tell him, so you don't lead him on.

    • The thing is I am interested and I don't want to be head over heels because he gives me mixed signals. We haven't even met yet so this is something that I would possibly like to ask if I do see him sometime soon. We both have a ton in common but we both also have busy days. He knows I like him and I'm very understanding about his career and I think the feeling is mutual there. We just haven't made a move yet.. I don't know if I should just step up and say "hey let's hang out grab a drink and just see if there's anything there" or is that too forward.. lol

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    • Good luck!!

    • Thanks for MHO :-)

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What Guys Said 2

  • Stay friends and see where things go if ya both like each other :3
    just be careful bringing anyone into ya life as ya have a little nipper

    • Haha yeah I hear you, just also want to make sure it's not just a physical attraction and there's more than what the eye sees!

    • Exactly, but if ya saying you can talk for hours and days at a time, that's a good sign :)

    • Yeaaah and we'll that's pretty much why I am still around because I can tell at times that he's very genuine but other times he's a big flirt and it's not a bad thing but I hope there's more to this lol

  • You are so pretty.


What Girls Said 1

  • Ok, do not go over to his house to first meet him! find somewhere mutual. You don't REALLY know him until you meet him in person.

    • Yesss I've told him we can meet at a coffee shop or something but by the time I'm out work everything is closed lol we basically have busy schedules but I hope we can find ONE day that works for the both of us! (: