How do you ask a guy if he's still interested in you?

my ex and I broke up, but then we started talking again -- and things are better then they ever were with him. But before he was flirting a little more and saying some sexual stuff, although I never really responded to them verrry playfully because I was just unsure of the moment and timing that I trusted him to play with him like that? If that makes sense. Anyways as of lately he doesn't really seem that sexually interested anymore and doesn't really try or make those jokes anymore-- which is fine because I'm still feeling it out but when the time comes you know I want him to be interested lol. we said we were going to take things slowly, so I don't know how does that work at what point do we get back together? Is he even interested anymore in getting back together or are we just friends? He still asks to Skype and stuff, but he doesn't really talk about getting back together. I'm so lost at where I stand. Should I get back together with him while he's being flirty and interested? Will it be harder to start a relationship when everything's all calm and not as much flirtiness or should I just flirt with him now? Like we are dating even though I don't really know for sure. I feel uncomfortable asking him right on point if we're dating or not

I did this , ty !


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  • If you want an answer to your question, you're going to have to ask the guy directly. If you can't communicate directly, you probably should not consider a relationship with the person. What are you afraid of by being direct? What is the worse that could happen other than the situation is clear?


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