How do I flirt with a guy I do not know?

i think I like this guy but I have never talked to him!

and I need to see if he is interesetd in me,

or should I not even give him the time off day?


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  • Make eye contact, let him know your alive. Smile and be inviting. That should give him the hint. Don't give him a quick look and then turn away like someone scared of seeing a cop on the same street. Be calm and most of all, be yourself.


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    The typical stuff.

    Shoot glances, that hopefully he'll catch

    - If he catches you, you can either

    a. turn away suddenly (if you're shy)

    b. keep your gaze, and smile when he sees you looking at him.

    Tease him.

    Engage in Conversation

    - Ask him about his hobbies (so you can determine if it would be worth it to continue)

    - Maintain eye contact

    - Engage in Physical contact

    - Show him you feel comfortable around him.

    Show you value him above other male friends.

    - I.E. Positioning yourself, physically, closer to him than other guys when in a group outing.

    Basically in a nutshell, anything that would communicate interest in him, whether it be spending more time with him, or doing little things like sending text messages asking him about his day.




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  • Start talking to him, let it be known that you exist. When you become friends after a while, make sure to add in a lot of eye contact, and make sure to smile! Don't look like the grim reaper or anything! The next step after those signals is to get even closer with him, like ask him personal questions (its up to you what the boundary line is). If you're desperate, you can do the little thing with the "accidentally rubbed him with your t*ts move" when you're standing/sitting close by. If all else fails, plainly tell him your feelings, but don't make it too sudden! Try to ease it on him, and then after maybe a month (yes I know it's a long time), tell him "hey I like you" or something like that when you're alone, and see what he makes of it. Hope this helps! :)