I can't get over not approaching the woman I liked?

There is flirting game between me and her friend, i thought her friend was the one who liked me but she rejected me , anyway this woman even came two weeks to my area to see me even my exs didn't do that to me , she smile everytime she sees me , even after her freind rejected me , she always look when i look at her , we once made long eye contact , a lot of time she smile even if i dont smile , when she is alone she stand next to me REALLY CLOSE , but i didn't talk to her yet i really like her and her voice , when she come and talk i just know its her voice and i just look at her , what can i do i graduated and she is working there , and i didn't get a job yet what should i do i can't get over it?


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  • I don't really understand your question...
    She rejected you, so don't waste your time. Maybe she's only a player who seduces to get attention.
    Did I help you? :)

    • Her friend rejected me not her i know my question is counfusing :p

    • Oooooh, ok x)
      Try talking to her in private, without those mean friends :) You'll see her real "her".

      Can you help me please? :)

    • Ok...

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  • Definitely talk to her, it won't hurt but be prepared her friend is going to, if she hasn't already, tell her that you hit on her. No one likes being second choice. She may care or not care. But if she says yes to you look forward to hearing that you hit on her friend when she gets upset or even jokingly.

  • This is kind of common sense... no offense, but what do you honestly think you should do

  • Grow some balls, what have you got to lose? Girls love guys with confidence!!


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