Guys, what qualities in a girl make you want to go from friends to relationship?

I always seem to be the girl that becomes really good friends with guys, but is always passed up for some other chick that they later complain about.

So what qualities in girls differentiates friends only from girlfriend material?


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  • You gotta make it known that you wanna be more than friends. With some guys they are so oblivious they overlook you thinking that you are such good friends as them being in the friend zone. I can hardly count how many girls I am good friends with, but i can't tell if a single girl likes me, i always think "maybe she is just really nice to me, because i am a nice guy?" and that's just me and my confidence wall i need to break. if you make it known that you wan't to be more than friends and they go for you over a girl thats bad for them, they are either not mature enough to realize who they could have better for them, not interested, or maybe they are just not the right guy for you.


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  • When life would seem dull without her sunshine fun.

    Yes, gals compete for guys after attracting them, spoiling them yet these gals don't solve their own drawbacks - why should they?

  • 90% of the time girls are friendzone because of looks.

    There are other possibilities but that's the one to consider first.

    • That's what I'm thinking. But I'm fixing that now, so hopefully things start to change.

    • Hopefully.

      The flip side is most girls have guy friends only from their looks. You must actually have a pretty awesome personality. If you do improve your looks you will get guys interest - and not lose it.

    • I do. I always have the hottest guys around me, talking and making me laugh. I'm always just their awesome friend.

  • The brain. Sounds bit crazy but I've been on both sides and I'd take a "5" who knows that the POTUS name is not short for a musical instrument! I had a 10 & she asked me why our cat Peanut wouldn't play with her the way she played with me? I said I dont know. She was waiting on a answer so I got down on all fours and asked the cat.. meow, meow... meowmeow, ... meow, meow? She said what she say back? I said meow! lol.😂😂😂😂

  • Physical attraction. That's usually the number one thing that matters.
    If they consider you a friend already, that's the only thing I can think of to be what's lacking. And that is something usually present (or not) from the very beginning.

  • if you can have a real legit conversation with them and have almost as many similarites with each others as he does his best friend and if you make each other laugh alot. being hot also helps. but make it known. wether you're hot or not the guy is checking you out already from the start its just the truth so id say you have a good chance

  • It depends on the guy and it also depends on you. I don't want to sound cliche' but you just have to find the guy to recognize you as his and for you to recognize him as yours. It's a two way road really

  • Well, in my case, I have been waiting for over a year to ask a friend out (still pending). It is kind of an emotional rash growing inside.

    My point is, maybe you are girlfriend material for some of theses guys but some might lack initiative to make a move.

    I would currently like to "upgrade" my relationship with a good friend. For me, in fact, to determine if you are girlfriend material, I would need to go through the friend path first. The look is interesting at first but what really sticks on me is the way a girl will talk, how she makes conversation, how she reacts at all sorts of things.

    If you make me laugh and I make you laugh, if you inspire me to be a better person (of course, I won't mention it) and we are having interesting talks alll the time, you will grow fast on me.

    But that is just me...
    So many person with so many answers.
    That is what make it interesting.
    And hard.
    And interesting.


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