Should I be in relationship with my best guy-friend?is it the right time?

I am a girl. i Have been friend with him for two years he is there for me when i need him and he always tell me that he loves me and i love him to death, but i moved away and now we are living apart and i really miss him so does he.
is it the right time to be in a relationship if we are living apart?
will our relationship works?
can two bestfriends be in relationship when they are living apart?
help me please!


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What Guys Said 1

  • It honestly depends if you really want a relationship. I mean we as people can just give suggestions. You make your own choices. The only question I have for you is that do you like him as a romantic way or just a friend? Are you really up for a relationship? If you guys break up, you probably are gonna stay friends. Kik L. Deering for more advice


What Girls Said 1

  • Before you start a relationship, think logically how that would even work with that distance. Also, make sure that even if it doesn't work out, you two can still be Friends. Been there, fine that, and ny guy friend and I are cover than ever now, even though we broke up. Basically, rally think this through.