Friday is your only day off. pretend it is Wednesday today. would you rather be asked out for this Friday or next friday?

just casual see a movie walk in the park nothing heavy.

you like the girl or guy who is asking you a lot. but you only have Friday day off per week... thats why i ask if you'd rather have a weeks notice. bc Friday only comes once a week. maybe you have plans or like to leave your time open to relax...

of course if you're busy but interested, you could just say i'm busy this Friday how about next friday.

So, which would you prefer?

also if you have only one day off and like to rest, would you feel like a date (with someone you like) would be a burden or would you be happy to go. esp since you can rest until evening anyhow.


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  • I would generally prefer the sooner date... but I normally need more notice, so would recomend someone asking to stress that they are flexible on when is best for the person they are asking out.

    If I only had one day off a week, I'm not sure I would be up for 'dating' but going on a date or two to get to know someone better, who you might see in a more cassual context would be good.

    • i dont want to date. just want to get him alone once so we can clear some things up.

    • Fair enough, I miss understood your last question.

    • no problem. your answer is still good:)

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