How should I bring this up to the guy i'm dating?

So I want to exclusively date the guy i've been seeing for about three weeks now. I tried to bring it up once but he was a little drunk and although he said that he only wanted to date me, he also said that we should talk about it later when he's not drunk.

How do I go about bringing it up again? It's been about 4 days since we talked about it..

I don't want to freak him out or anything and I really really like him.


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  • Just bring it up. If he had said that he also wants to talk about it, even if he was drunk when he said it, it will not be awkward.

    I'm willing to bet that he feels the same way about you as you do about him... and that he wants to date you exclusively.


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  • Just tell him you want to be exclusive. If you keep thinking over it and don't take action, you'll never know if he wants to be exclusive