Why won't she text me when everything was going well? What can I do to get her to text me back/interested again? Thanks in advance?

Well I met her on (pof) we both have a lot in common and we both want the same things in a partner. She wants someone that will treat her right. We also have quiet a bit of other things in common interest/hobbies etc. (She did tell me though that she's looking for friends on there but if she found someone she would be ok with that.) She goes to school 2 hours away but when she's home she's 45 mins away. Everything was going good she thought I was cute. We planned for a date when she came home in October. We even where talking our forth date to watch her favorite move. We flirted a buch I was out one night an she asked how it was going an I said good but it be better if you where here she laughed an what not I told her my arms where waiting and that I'm worth the drive. She said lol very true. She's told me Im very sweet an that I wasn't bothering her the night she went out that she wanted to keep talking etc
we talked on pof for 2 weeks then we exchanged numbers an started texting that went on for about a week. The last day I talked to her she added me on facebook. That night we talked some more but she wasn't very talkative I asked if I should let her go she said no your fine. Talked a bit more about the baseball game I messaged her saying there's always tomorrows game. And she didn't respond. Ok I figured she fell asleep next day. I said goodmoring what are your plans today. Still nothing so I waited about 36 hours and messaged her again asking her if everything was ok. Waited 4 hours an sent one more this "Well hope your ok. I don't know what happened. I really did want a get to know you better... take care" and that's been it that was yesterday. We are still friends on Facebook and she's posted a bunch. I don't get what I did. I just want a take her on this date and see if we conect as well as we where through message. She seems like the kinda girl I'm looking for. An I would like her to go bac to texting. Thanks in advance for reading this an helping.

Well I still haven't heard from her and I haven't contacted her anymore. Yet at least thinking about it though. My friends tell me I should just let her come to me if she wants.
She still has me as a friend on Facebook but her pof account is gone
Sent this about 30 mins ago. "Hi bre! How's your weekend going? Mines been so busy with my friends getting ready for tonight."
Looking like it's a lost cause


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  • she's being stupid and playing a game or lost interest?

    • Unrelated - that body Oo dayumm girl

    • Anything I could do/say to get her interested again? Or to get her to stop playing games? Like I said I just sent that latest message about an hour. She's not like any girl I meet at the bars we have a lot of the same morals, values, goals an things in common. I feel she's not giving me much of a chance now.

    • perhaps just ignore her and she might wonder why?

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  • Try CALLING and talking to her as a PERSON once in a while instead of just text on a screen.

    • So it's not to late? If she's not contacting me back. And I don't know her school schedule that well so maybe send her a text in the next few day asking if she would like to talk on the phone? Cause I don't want a call her when she's busy.

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    • Probably just blew what ever chance I had left. I texted her about 1 hour ago. As I mentioned above. Not sure what to do now

    • Again, you TEXTED her. You didn't call. In any case since she is ignoring you, move on.

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