Was 95Z% sure she likes me. after flirting and date talk she says she has a boyfriend?

. this girl I like is always touching me and even asked me out like 4 times. I didn't want to date at work really so id give a maybe. she said she wanted to go to a comedy show and she's never been before. date invitation? so I said who you going with and she said her 2 friends. but she got excited and giddy and asked if I was asking her on a date. later I asked her how the comedy show went and she said she didn't go she didn't have anyone to go with. she brought it up originally so if she didn't want to go w me why bring it up, and say what she said. so we continue to talk and flirt alittle. she even brushed her hand against my back while walking by. so if she's not into me why touch me. so then I ask what her type is because she asked me what mine is before, and she says she has a boyfriend, im pretty sure she's lying because when we talked about the comedy show she said she was single, so do you think she could be saying it because she feels rejected. her friends come over and talk about me getting a date w her and i say stuff like she's the one that wants to date. does that make it sound like I don't? what should I do. should I tell her my feelings if she has a "bf.

is she trying to make me jealous. or is she aware that im interested now and she's playin games kind of. or is she trying to back off because she feels rejected. or is she not interested, even though there are many signs she is.


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  • Welcome to the friendzone! Something women are exceptionally good at it.

    • yea dude it seems like it. but she brought up the topic and the date idea. and she still flirts and touches me. im trying to see if she's backing off because she feels rejected or if me saying maybe landed me in friend zone but either way she did back off.

    • Sounds like you're in the friendzone. Otherwise be careful because even if she cheats on you with her boyfriend, that means if YOU become her boyfriend, she'll cheat on you.

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