This is the third time now?

I first started seeing this guy back in 2011, but he was still with his first girlfriend, who he had been with since the very beginning of high school, at that point we were both 21. we hooked up a few times, felt terrible, and ended it. I met another guy and dated him for a year. I ran into my guy from 2011 at a party in October 2012, he was still with his girlfriend, but couldn't stop talking to me and wanted to see me. They broke up about a month later because he admitted to her the cheating that had occurred. he and I started seeing each other, but I became very overbearing because I had just gotten out of a relationship that had seriously taken over my life. he also didn't want to get into a relationship because he had just gotten out of that one, that had gone on so long and ended so badly. however, we kept seeing each other for about a year when things ended very badly because he got jealous even though he wouldn't be exclusive yet, and I wound up leaving the country for school for 6 months. he starts trying to get in touch with me and I ignore it until like the 5th time he tries, and I respond and now we've seen each other a few times. I did really miss him, and we got really close that year even though we wanted different things, I'm just unsure now about what he wants, I'm afraid to ask, but why would he try to get back into my life knowing I want a relationship if that's not what he wants?

I hope this means he wants what he knows I want? or else why would he want to start this again?


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  • I honestly dont get why you would pursue someone who was cheating on his long time gf like that. But if you want to go after him find out what he wants, and see if he is on the same page as you. Other wise you are going to go the same route you did before.

    • well that was my question, why would he try to come back into my life again like this if he couldn't give me what he knows I want?

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    • things ended terribly because we wanted different things, you think he would really do that to me again, and himself? it was hard on both of us, and both of us admitted it wasn't working

    • Some people actually need to figure out if what they want is really what they want. I have met women who say they want to go the distance, but when its right there they turn and leave. So I dont know. You should talk to him and see what he says before taking that leap of faith

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  • Maybe he realized he does want a relationship with you now. Guys are not that great at expressing their feelings. The best thing you can do is talk to him about it. What's to lose?

    • well I'm scared he's still not ready. he's been really great during the time we've spent together, but he's really busy. I'm unsure I guess if his being busy is for real or to kind of keep me at a distance? he's in two bands and has a full time job.

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    • ya, I know I'm probably a little paranoid about it, but I do think he really missed me, thanks for your advice

    • Hope it works out for the best!

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