Girls would this be a jealousy tactic?

This girl and I had a thing for a long time at work. Sometimes I felt like she liked my buddy too but I never saw them talking like her and I. With me she was ways pretty shy (she's shy anyway). at first with me she'd stare at me with this dear in the head lights look, blush, one time she even stuttered trying to talk to me. There were a few times where she would flirt with him big time right in front of me, like smile big time and do a super sexy hair flip. Like blantantly in front of me. My first thought would be like whoa! She never been that confident or bold with me!

So here's my question, her and I used to walk and talk together like everyday, but she would act weird sometimes and go missing for a few days then come
Back. This made me made I started ignoring her. And with the flirting with buddy I decided to ignore her hard for a couple months. I found out from my buddy that she was walking and talking with him everyday like her and I use to! Like out to the parking lot (where I don't park and I leave at a different time) so I didn't know about it. He also said she was getting to work at the same time and walking in together. There is potential for me to see this, but it was more walking out together. Anyways, it made me jealous, but she didn't know I technically knew about this. Oh and be said it was kind of creeping him out which was weird since I know he likes her. Is this a jealousy tactic?


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  • Well, she was flirting with you for a while, and you two were talking more... but you didn't make a move, so she probably thought you weren't interested and she decided to move on.
    You said you started ignoring her too, so I don't think she's doing these things to make you jealous, she's just enjoying him.


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  • No, i dont think so.

    • Well what is she doing?

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    • Lol ok. I must be crazy then.

    • lol you're not. our brain is such a strange and powerful thing, when we fell for someone for real))
      go for her, I think you need to open up more with her.

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  • Your descriptive language indicates this is fiction or you're reading into it with a significant amount of imagination.

    • How would less descriptive wording paint a more clear picture?

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