How do I get this guy back?

My hookup started getting feelings for me while we were separated over the summer. I was dubious because he is a player and my heart had just been broken - so while I never said no, or that I didn't like him, I just said I normally don't date. He withdrew a bit after a few conversations like that and when I asked if he still wanted to date he said "Umm you said you only wanted hookups" and that he wasn't sure he could commit because he's not good at getting hurt. We've hooked up a few times and he acts very sweet and intimate and goofy with me after the sex - but he never texts first and ignores a lot of my snapchats. He's very busy with school, but I don't appreciate being the only one who tries. Last night he ignored another snapchat so I sent a message saying "I guess you really are too busy. I'll leave you alone from now on. If you miss me, get in touch."

How would a message like that be taken? Is there a way I can get him back? Should I leave it for a while and then get back in touch?


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  • Well you said yourself he's a player, so why do you want him?


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