This is more suited for girls that have never had a boyfriend or haven't had one for at least 2 years?

This is more suited for girls that have never had a boyfriend or haven't had one for at least 2 years. What is the reason you are single? Do you date a lot? Do you have one night stands, and if you do why is that? And are you tired of trying or waiting (for the girls that have never had a boyfriend)?

I have never had a boyfriend. I have dated/gone on one date with some guys, maybe 1-5 a year. And I have preformed and recived oralsex and fingering or handjob, but thats it, kinda a one night stand thing. I dont really know why im single, but its a m ixed between low selfeestem. having no idea how to talk or get to know guys and just not willing to really try to get one.


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  • I am single mainly because I haven't met a lot of people in general (that I keep in contact with). Also, usually the people I am actually interested in tend to be unattainable (either he has a girlfriend, or something else is blocking a connection).

    I don't date a lot (don't even think I've ever truly dated). I've never had a boyfriend. I've only made out before. I've never had sex (not because I'm a prude just a personal choice). I'm personally not trying to find anyone because I'm very focused on self-improvement. I need to graduate and get settled into my career and right now, that's more important than some guy who may or may not be around for long.


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  • I think you need to find a guy that wants to get to know YOU.


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  • Never had a boyfriend all my life. I have had boys chasing after me but I'm not even sure myself if i'm picky or it's the guy honestly. I have friends with benefits and currently still. Had my heart broken by a guy a liked for 4 years, thoughts and feelings for boys change. But i'm trying my best to trust again and open up again.
    Reason for me? Most of the guys that chase after me are guys who wants to get into my pants. The shy guys won't pick up their game. And party i think i'm trying to wait for that perfect guy.
    Do I date a lot? No, closest thing was seeing someone for a few days and another guy for a few weeks.
    Yea kind of tired of trying and waiting.

    • I kinda have the same problem as you... i get quite a lot attention from guys, but they want what you said, to get in my pants. So yeah...

    • Rocking on the same boat. Them feelz. I know how you feel. But i've been single all my life hahaha. Had a previous friends with benefits and have a FWB. However i feel like i want to stop the friends with benefits because i feel a bit disrespected. Want to feel wanted and loved... can't seem to come across one. Even if i do, he tries for a bit and gives up.

    • Oh the struggle.. :/ its like im only good for one thing...

  • I agree with what the guy said, you need to find someone who is interested in you.

    I never had a boyfriend and I never dated. I actually dont even have any guy friends. I feel like i have nothing to offer and Im a weird person, so i just let it be cause I dont wanna get hurt.

    • Why do you feel like you have nothing to offer?

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    • I don't know about you two. I have my looks and personality to offer and yet i don't have a boyfriend yet. You ladies seem like you lost hope. Be more positive about yourself, it takes time for a boy to see how you are because attraction does start from looks and depending on how you are is how it goes from there. I just come across the wrong guy in my type of crowd. I got to rave events, clubs and parties. It's expected to bump into a boy who wants to get into your pants if you're wearing party clothes. Takes time so be more positive. I've never had a boyfriend and yet i haven't lost hope. I admit i'm pretty decent girl but my looks is used to test guys if they would go for me, for me or go in my pants.

    • Well that applies to everyone. There's always going to be someone that's better at something but when someone forms a connection with you that won't matter. I doubt you're boring, I've seen some of your answers and you have a nice sarcastic sense of humor. Maybe the people that get drunk and party all the time might think your boring but those people are stupid. I don't know you but I doubt your as weird as you think. You just have to find someone that's similar to you. What's weird to one person is perceived as normal by someone else. Also if that's you in your profile pic, you're very attractive, definitely above average. People are always complementing your looks on here, there's a reason for that. I know you probably don't agree but it is true. Also you seem like you're a modest person which makes you even more beautiful. I'm sure you will make a lucky guy very happy someday.

  • Never dated , well... I liked a guy but it didn't work out... I don't talk a lot so I barely know guys or girls and yep I'm still a virgin and wanna date a good and humorous guy :p But let's see what happens :)