Softer facial features on a guy. Attractive?

Ok so I know the whole man with chiselled jaw line is a turn in for you girls, and considered to be traits of an attractive guy. I want to ask girls, if you find guys with soft facial features attractive? I have these and consider myself unattractive because of it, but however whenever I'm out, I do get women 'glancing' at me.


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  • I'd probably find it attractive, or at the very least soft facial features would certainly not make you unattractive to me.

    • Interesting

    • Well, my boyfriend is pretty feminine. I mean, he has facial hair and a pretty strong jawline and he's 6 foot but he has full lips and long lashes and his hair goes down to his shoulderblades. So I can hardly say I find men with softer facial features unattractive.

What Guys Said 1

  • where I live women like guys with soft features. I wish I had softer facial features maybe I wouldn't be single lol