Curious, girls would you date a guy like me?

I am just curious, but anyway about me. I am very independent and a bit of a gym rat, love being active and doing anything active. Camping, hiking outdoorsy person. Have little quirks, some say OCD because things have to be done certain ways and I plan ahead and I like things organized and ready. Not much of party person at all or drinker, I like talking to people on one on one conversations or small groups rather than large groups. Family oriented and relgious Christian. Motivated and won't stop to my goals are accoplished. Very honest and loyal as well as dependable. Any questions ask, I listed positives mostly because I'm optimistic! Haha.


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  • Probably wouldn't date you... Seem like a narcissist.. And if by some chance I did it would be to settle down... But our marriage probably would go through a struggle because you would be blindly trying to obtain this perfect life and wouldn't see or turn away from the problems and hope they would go away! This however is a great resume. Upload it to Match. com! :)

    • Lol, I'm good. I was curious on girls different opinions, I'm completely happy way things are honestly. Thanks for your opinion!

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    • Not looking for online dating, just curious on honest opinions. I liked yours, honest and explains why. Because not everyone is going to want to date you, so curious what kind of girls would, that is all.

    • Gotcha! ;)

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  • Do you ever have melt downs?
    its good to have goals but you're kinda too shy and passive for me

    • Melt downs? I can have a bit of a temper with certain things not going to lie. Yes I am shy and reserved when first meeting people. Thanks for your opinion!

  • You seem like a good guy, I would definitely be interested.

  • Honestly you seem like a good guy, so if a girl isn't into cause you're not manly enough or crazy enough she's definitely not the girl for you anyways. I don't think there's anything wrong with being shy passive good person it's not a turn off if anything for me it's a turn on. A good girl will find you soon enough nice guys don't always finish last I promise

    • Lol, I was curious, I do not think that. Gosh some people are getting the wrong idea here, my gosh. I am happy, it is just a observation question, man. I am not complaining and nobody hurt me or anything, sheesh, regretting writing this question. Thanks for your opinion though!

    • I never said you were complaining or your feelings got hurt lol

    • You just made it sound like that with the whole nice guy finish last and the end, I never believed that.

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