Seeing two guys at once?

Okay... I know it sounds bad but I've kinda agreed to date two guys. To I've clarified with them both that there's no certain direction that's these dates are going in and it's just a trial run, sort of. Is this bad? I mean I've never done this before.. I'm not even the relationshippy kind of person I just don't know whether this is just morally disgusting or not? I have a feeling it is but it's not like I'm in a relationship or that


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  • It's not bad. But just make sure both guys know you are dating others.

    • See I was with one of them tonight and the way he described his feelings I felt soo guilty and kinda distanced myself which of course made things more weird !:(

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  • Don't feel guilty despite about what whoevr tell u. guys multi date all the time and dnt feel bad about it. exclusivity while datin is a waste of time really. so date both of em and which ever1 u like more or who suits you the most u can then date tht 1 guy bt ure single so jst take it chilled date make friends and see who's suitable as a bf

    • Thanks that's so reassuring !:D I was with one of them tonight but his feelings for me seem a little strong I mean I've known him for quite some time but it was weird I felt distanced from him compared to the last couple times we've met but for a while things got weird so this is the first I've seen him in a couple weeks :(

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