She keeps calling me?

Been dating this girl and all of a sudden she tells me she does not want to see me anymore, it was kind of a shock to me because I felt like things were going really well. I was pretty sad but I have not called or contacted her since she told me this. The thing is, every night she keeps calling me and texting me and saying she wants to still talk and “be friends” . I told her I didn’t want to but I will still answer her calls from time to time. Also she came to see me at work and wanted to talk when I went to lunch, she was trying to hold my hand and basically act like we were still together. I don’t know what to do because I still want to be with her but this is really not healthy for me to keep going back and forth. What should I do at this point?


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  • Just ignore her. She's stringing you along because she likes the attention.