Is this a bad reason to stop talking to a girl or should I keep trying to work things out?

Well this girl flirted with me all last year and I eventually had the balls to tell. her I liked her and gave her my number. Well she gave me every sign in the world but never texted me and kept flirting. In was annoyed. She told me she would text me next semester. She was dating a guy smbut eventually broke up over the summer. This semester she creeped on my Instagram and found out we live in the same off campus apartment so she blew my phone and always asksed questions and wants to hang out. She said text her and she will come down and see my room. In did once in a Saturday bit she had a hw. I found out she's a a full time manager at a retail store and has at night. Then now I learned she's taking the semester off in the spring to join the air force reserves. Its really tough cause I really like her and she may like me but she's always busy.

Sorry for the typos lol
Don't answer this its a mess


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  • It's definitely tough when two very busy people are trying to get together, but the thing is... if you guys REALLY want it, you'll make time for each other. If it's that important, you just will.

    Try asking her over again, but tell her to choose the time so that she can make a time when she's available.
    Keep texting and chatting, keep the communication going and MAKE something more happen if you want it. Even if it's just a short coffee out together between classes or something... just something to get you guys together, to see if you want to progress.

    Good luck!


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