Met a guy at uni two weeks ago, how do I let him know I want more?

We've been on one date, yesterday, which was really kinda cute, just went for drinks and talked for a couple of hours, got really flirty, and he walked me home but no kiss or anything? Before this date he was really awkward and nervous, but he seems to be more confident now that he knows I like him but how can I sort of let him know that I want more? I text him, slightly tipsy, saying something like "can't believe I didn't get a kiss today" and he replied saying "next time, for sure" but that's about it? It's all kinda going really fast but I have a really good feeling about him.
p. s. how much time between dates?

SO do I wait for him to make the next move?


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  • It doesn't sound like you need to let him know you want more... just let things progress naturally. You can drop little hits like you did about not getting a kiss after the date but I definitely wouldn't recommend trying to impose much more immediately. Sounds like things are good.

    • yeah, I was kinda scared he might go all awkward again after that hint so I think I'll just have to see what happens next

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  • Well by texting him that you have allready dropped a hint. But dont be surprised if he won't kiss you on the first date, how did he know you wanted one? He could have gone in for the kiss and you werent ready, some girls would then come on here and say "he tried to kiss me on the first date, does this mean he just wants sex?"

    Be thankful he isn't trying to go too quickly.

  • Easy, you tell him, IN PERSON. Not in stupid text!

    • We definitely spend more time in person than texting, it was just that one text that I mentioned. Otherwise we just plan out when/where we're going to see each other.

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