When it is appropriate time to kiss and have sex?

Okay, so we had 2 short coffee dates (only for 30-40 minutes, no kiss as this was happening close to the place where we work) and soon we are going to have a real date.
Connection is there, we have lots in common.

Will he try to kiss me? (he is sending me kissing emoticons already and ends up conversation with "kisses") Should I allow PDA?
When it is appropriate to have sex? I´m looking for a commited relationship here.

I´m completely new to dating scene, so would use some of your help. I´m 28 and he is 30.

How should I act if he tries to kiss men? I want to appear like a real gf/wife material to him


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  • Will he try to kiss you? - Maybe.
    Should you allow PDA? - If you are comfortable with that.
    When is it appropriate to have sex? - When the both of you are comfortable with that.

    You probably wanted a step by step manual here but there is no such thing. What is appropriate to someone is considered inappropriate by someone else. So in the end it's up to you to decide what is right and wrong behaviour.

    • how things were going with your SO (your current one or ex)? I just would like to know some examples..

    • I've met my previous girlfriends in many different ways. Some were a random hookup at a party that eventually developed into more. Another were a girl I worked with for a few years that I became friends with that later became more. Another I started talking with over the internet, etc. I don't follow a specific formula or abide to certain rules. I just do what feels right to me.

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  • You'll know when its time. If its meant to be it will happen naturally don't plan it just let it happen if u feel comfortable at the time x

    • Can you tell me some examples/your stories, especially how it went when you were dating a girl you were really serious about?

    • I think its quite easy to tell when a girl likes u and if its more than 1 date she wouldn't come back if she didn't want to kiss. I have never had a 1 night stand I hate them, and the girls that do because it is just too easy and no love involved. A kiss, however, is different. If I know she likes me I just pick my moment and grab her and kiss her passionately like I don't think anyone has done. it before to her. Her reaction to it then lets me know is sex is the next date or if I need to wait and I always wait until she is ready. Hope that helps and makes sense x

  • If you like him and you want a kiss, then the next time you hug, keep your hands on him and look into his eyes until he comes closer, and bam, it happens. As for sex, if you two are alone and you feel like jumping his bones, then do it, if not then don't do it. And how to start it is easy, start kissing him then let your hands explore ;-)

  • Ummm, let stuff happen. I mean it should be a "decision" but it is not a unilateral decision. He probably wanted to have sex with you when he met you. A real wife/gf wants to be kissed.

    • why do you think he wanted to have sex with me when he met me? can i change his attitute somehow to be more romantic/relationship focused?

    • I don't think he would continue to see you if he didn't find you attractive. I am sure part of him may want to play it safe and not get his heart involved yet, but I am guessing another part of him would like to hurry things along to the good stuff. This is a struggle all people have. Just keep seeing him and things will happen. I don't think anyone ever plans these things to happen when it is right. When the time is right it just happens. Some guys need to be told things like "I like you and I would like you to _______" That could scare off some guys, but at least you wouldn't be wasting your time waiting for something to happen.

  • When you're taking your driving test to get your license.
    When you're at your grandpa's funeral.
    When you're at church.
    When you're working at a daycare.
    When you're performing heart surgery.


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  • Hmm... I say that there is no time frame. That being said, I wouldn't just jump into bed with this guy. I think if the connection is there and you're both feeling it, go in for the kiss. If he's sending you the little kissy face emoji, then he's definitely interested to some extent. My advice to you is... don't over think. Just go with it! Kiss the man! Lol

    • Thanks :) I´m just kind of shy and I feel that this guy is somehow too passionate, so I´m little bit scared of what will happen.. I like him A LOT, but since we work for the same company, I want things to go slow

    • That is completely understandable. Guys like for women to be straight forward. So be just that. Tell him you don't want to rush things because you work together. Tell him that you really like him but you want to take things slow. If he is TRULY interested in you, he will respect your wishes and he'll go at your pace. Just don't take too long. AND, if you're hanging out with him and you have the urge to kiss him, don't stop yourself. just go with the flow of things and dont force anything.

    • Did you go on that date yet? LOL I'm curious!

  • kissing and sex are 2 very different things
    It shouldn't just jump from one to the other