My bf has cancelled me on last minute three times in a row?

My bf has been busy lately and for the last 3 days, he's made plans only to cancel them last minute.

I understand that he's busy so I've told him to just get his stuff done and then we can hang out, but he insists on making tentative plans only to never be able to keep them. I end up waiting for him and ending up with nothing to do.

So tonight, he's done this to me again. Making 'maybe' plans and I refused. I actually have plans tonight and I don't feel like waiting around for him when I know he's not going to make it based on his behavior the last few days.

He got mad at me saying that I'm not understanding and that I don't care that he's busy and blah and blah. I do care that he's busy which is why I told him to get it done. I just done feel like sitting at home on a Friday night when I could be with friends instead.

It would be different if he actually made real plans but after not being able to make it the last few days, 'maybe' plans aren't good enough at this point.

An I wrong? Should I have agreed to stay at home and wait and be all alone instead of going out and having fun?

Right now, I'm not even in the mood to go out because he made me upset that he got pissed at me over this


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  • this is not a good sign. be patient and give him some space. hopefully things will work out.
    make your own plans ! go out with your friends ! have fun , he is having fun ! why don't you?


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  • Ya. I don know. That's sketch. I hope it works out but it's not a good sign. Tell him you're going out with a group of friends. Imply there's guys going too. Make it obv that you can get other dick too.

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