Is it okay if he is passive with making exact plans for our dates?

Dating a guy for about 5 weeks. We go out once every week or 2 as we are both pretty busy with work and family things.

Sometimes I find he can be passive with setting an exact time and place for our dates. He always initiates asking me out but he tends to leave it up to me to decide what to do. I tend to have to confirm where we are going (e. g., "Drinks again at 8?" And he'll say "Sure! Sounds good see you then" and then we have a great time).

Is this because I have a car and he doesn't? (He lives downtown, so i always end up meeting him at a pub there for drinks or dinner). Or is it b/c he knows I am busy with studying in the evenings in addition to working FT?


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  • Haha, as discussed via PM... what you describe is cultural... I'd probably behave similarly :-)
    So don't worry, and if you mind just give him an indication that you like more initiative.
    He'll probably just be afraid to "overdo" it. We Belgians are careful.

  • He may be yielding to your busier schedule. Who knows your schedule better than you? Perhaps if you gave him a hard schedule of your availability he could make up his mind.

    It's also possible that he's losing interest but going along for the ride while it lasts. Stop making all the plans and see if he comes around.


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