How do I keep an American girl?

i'm from europe, amsterdam, been to the states few times everytime ending with a summer love. the question now is how to not let i just be a summer thing


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  • Long distance relationships are hard even when it's only a few hours... not to mention time zones. That's an expensive relationship to maintain.

    It takes a lot of trust and that level of trust isn't often built over the course of 3 months. If I met a guy from Holland and I liked him enough I'd just up and move there with him. I've visited and it's basically the greatest country ever and even if we didn't last, the country would be a great place to live.

    As for your original question... it's really difficult to answer. You'd have to find a girl willing to have essentially an electronic relationship and no matter how genuine and faithful a person is, that's a lot to ask of them.


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  • Well, since you live in the Netherlands and the girl would be living in the States... I don't see how it could not be a summer fling, unless you are rich as heck, and plan on flying yourself or the girl back and forth a lot or doing a long-distance thing til the next summer (highly unlikely that that will work!)...

  • Visiting as often as possible. Your wallet will cry though, flying is expensive as hell. You could also Skype though.

    I have the same problem, except not in the states. I spend all my summers in Czech Republic, and every time I'm there I get to know someone I really like. It hurt a lot, but I never tried to pursue a relationship, because I knew they tend to not work out.

    However, if you trust the girl enough, are prepared for massive travel costs and can resist temptation, it could work :)


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