He has two facebooks?

I just recently joined facebook. The guy I had been seeing has two. The one most of his friends are on says in a relationship. There is a post that says I make him happy. His other Facebook is the one he uses all the time. It says he is single. He recently hid his workplace so I know he was on that page and did not change his relationship status on this one. Should I worry?

No I added him as a friend on both accounts. Yes I think one is for his work and one is for friends... although he has friends on his work fb. He added a friend today- She is a kid. but still hasn't added me. I put him in my close friends.
So I guess I could try that when he posts something. LOL! I don't think I show up in his close friends though since he hasn't added me but I don't know for sure.


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  • So what is the purpose of the second account? A work account? A buisness acount?

    Why did he tell you he has a second account if he's using it for deception?

    If it is just a seond personal account you could always screw with him by posting "I wuv you!" messages all over it.


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  • Sounds very suspicious to me... are you friends with this other account?

  • Yes. That's really really shady. I would talk to him about it