Did I screw up my chances of dating him?

So there's this guy I've had a crush on for a while. We've know each other for a while and he's recently been showing he might have a crush on me back. The last time we were hanging out he was complaining of why this guy wasn't texting him back and my other friend chimed in it was because he never responded to anyone elses texts (which is true) and so i said yeah it's kinda upsetting sometimes, but they had begun talking to each other so i didn't think he heard me. The next day I decided to text him, doubting I would get a response but wanting to talk with him. I immediately got a response and we ended up texting for over an hour (the longest before was about 5 minutes). I was both suprised and happy about this. After this I didn't wanna push my luck so I waited a few days and texted him today. I didn't get an immediate response but got a response I would normally expect when texting my other friends. After talking for a bit we ended up conversing over our classes and he explained his classes were going well except for Biology and explained the last test they took he failed. Now wanting to help him I offered for us to get together and study (I don't take Biology but I am becoming a teacher [and he knows that] so I can figure out different ways for him to study the material which he said was his main problem) and he asked me if I was good at biology. I was honest and said i wasn't bad but that I could help him with figuring out how to study the material and he didn't respond. After about 20 minutes and no response I texted him if he didn't want to it was fine and he immediately replied thanks i was going talk to a tutor instead. After that i felt bad because it came off a bit pushy but i just wanted to help him, so i sent a short apology saying sorry if i came off as pushy i just wanted to help, and he never responded and it's 3 hours later. Did I ruin my chances with him? All opinions welcome!!! (I can explain more in the comments if you have any questions)


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  • Nah you were trying to be helpful! It seems like he just wanted a tutor wasn't just "not bad" haha

    So not all is lost, just keep talking with the guy


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  • Sounds like he may have been looking for a cheat on biology. Teaching someone How to study lessons is a gift more valuable than helping wiht a single topic. The old addage, give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.


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