Can I kiss him on the cheek?

Me and this boy have been dating for about a two weeks now. We honestly haven't done much yet, like hang out after school (we're in highschool). But everyday he walks me to my classes/out to the busses/etc. And once, he gave me a goodbye hug and gave me a quick, VERY awkward (and unexpected) kiss on the cheek. But I was nervous so I turned my head in a way that he sorta kissed my chin. Anyway, I ended up telling him it made me feel uncomfortable and stuff. And he said he wouldn't do it again. However, I would love to give him a kiss on the cheek. So, as he walks me to my class and leaves, would it be okay for me to just kiss his cheek? Or do I ask first?

I was thinking, because he usually gives me a hug (which i can't hug back cause he has a huge bookbag on alwas) I could be like "because I can never hug you back..." then kiss his cheek.

HALP PLEASE. Things like this are things I'll chicken out on :(


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  • The thing is you NEED to ask yourself if you want to be with him, you need to be honest to yourself.

    If you don't want to be with him then obviously just hugging is cool... just don't toy with his emotions because that's really unfair and you could cause him alotta damage (happened to me -_-)...

    But If you do want to be with him then do what you said you were planning on doing. Tell him to take off his bag because you want to give him a real hug for 1ce... then just give him a kiss on the cheek then just walk away :). It will be sweet and he'll love it.
    Don't think to much about it because thinking is your worst enemy when it comes to someone you like:).

    Have fun;).


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  • First make a eye contact for more then 10+sec without saying anything. then lean to hug him and instead put your hands near him neck and boom give a kiss on cheek.

  • Just DO IT!


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