Does no contact work on someone you were never actually in a relationship with?

Basically this girl said she really cared about me and I got too clingy and it went sour she is now avoiding me and I'm now not contacting her and trying to move on we are civil when we bump into each other but that's it really I would like to be friends with her but if I can't then cool ! Did see her the other night all over another guy which hurt but I think she is doing that because she is insecure what I am basically asking is will no contact make her miss what we did have and is it possible we can rebuild our friendship in the future I know I can't be with this girl it's not good for me I'm just trying to settle myself thanks guys and girls


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  • Just cause she's hooking up with a guy doesn't mean she's insecure... so forget that idea..
    but anyway, no contact can only make someone miss you if they had actual feelings for you and still have feelings. If there's no feelings from her side, then unfortunately no amount of distance can change that. Love isn't created out of thin air. It takes a lot of factors to create it such as chemistry, compatibility and attraction. Chances that this will suddenly hit her one day out of complete randomness is pretty much next to nothing. Best advice is to move on. No contact works better in the moving on process actually. Many people do NC to get someone back but then after x amount of time they realize they're actually over the person due to the NC and have realized that the other person isn't worth it.

    If you still have intense feelings then being in a friendship is the worst idea possible. You'll never move on and will lose out on many opportunities due to your obsession with her. Rather move on, put her in the past and start the healing process. Someday you might be able to be friends with her again but only to do that once you're completely over her.

  • The no contact rule is to help you move on
    If she contacts you it's because she still had feelings for you


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