Do racial differences matter in a relationship?

The guy I'm interested in is half Russian and half Filipino. I've seen him eat sushi and stuff and I don't like that kind of food at all.
He eats Russian food and I sometimes do too.
He's tan, but you won't know where he is from without asking him. I was confused at first, until I found out and it made sense.
He's cute and very kind and sweet.

I'm Macedonian. but people think I'm Russian or something. I'm white, but I go to the pool sometimes and I have a light tan.
Will our background differences matter?

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  • If both people are willing to accept the other's differences in terms of culture and lifestyle (if there is differences) then no, I don't see why or how it can matter. It can only matter if there's some kind of conflict or if the other person wants to change the other to conform to their culture. But in general, I don't think it matters. I just voted B cause it can matter in some cases like the one I mentioned above.


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  • I went out with a girl that was originally born in china, no difference.


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