Guys when you go through trying times and you start to feel unsure that your relationship will survive what can your gf do to make u feel confident?

All guys go through a season of trying or difficult times. When you really like a girl and you don't want to lose her but the hard times get in the way, what can she do to let you know she is not going to leave your side? While you are going through it how can she be there for support? Do you like it when she keeps you up to date on how she is feeling? I told my boyfriend that I want to be there for him, don't want to lose him but I'm scared. Was that too much? He told me before hand that he still feel the same about me but he has a lot on his mind. I also know that he has a past like everyone else but I think he trying to make a change. He says he needs someone to help him change. I want to be aggressive but not too aggressive. What can I do? Any suggestions? by the way he still make time for me in weekend and communicate by text only difference is that we dont talk on the phone at night like we used to bc of his work schedule lately.


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  • Look him in the eyes and tell him with a straight face "I can't loose you". Just don't sound desperate.
    And I agree with dartmaul15, also find a way to SHOW him you love him and won't leave his side.

    • I text him that I wanted to see him so I can tell him but he had other plans. I text that I had time to think about things and that I don't want to lose him before things get better. I text that it was coming from my heart. I miss him bc now we decided to take things slow. It was moving too fast for him. I care so that is why I decided. Only known eachother for 3 months and we met friends and some of his fam. So it was too fast. How often would you want to hear from a girl you like? Good part is we are communicating.

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    • We are good. He act so confident now.

    • Thanks... we are doing fine

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  • Be affectionate, care for him, listen to him... be someoen he can trust 100% with everything, ESPECIALLY his emotions.
    Love him, make love to him (if you're allready doing it)... just show how much you appreciat him not by words, but by actions. Take that love and form it into something practical (like what said above). Make him FEEL loved.

    • Look at my response above... tell me what you think? Any advice?

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    • We are good. He act so confident now

    • Thanks... we are doing fine

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