What do you talk about with a girl to avoid awkward silence?

sometimes i dont know what to say and it ruins the date help?


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  • Compliment her on something she's wearing (especially if it looks like it stands out like a dress or a necklace or her shoes) but say it in a way that says it emphasizes her beauty ie: "That necklace really compliments your eyes." or "Your boots really flatter you!" But don't leave it there! Be sure to follow it up with an open ended question, preferably one that invites a story or for her to tell something about herself.


    You: I must say, that dress really compliments your figure!

    Her: *smile* Thank you! (At this point she may offer some small detail or explanation. If she does, pursue the subject if it sounds promising otherwise proceed with the scenario)

    You: *smile back while making eye contact * You're quite welcome! (Now is where you need to ask more about her and the dress makes a perfect starter)

    Still You: May I be so bold as to ask why you chose that one over another?

    Regardless of how she answers, be interested and try to relate to her (maybe you couldn't choose between your brass cuff links and blue tie, or your steel cuff links and vest with the black skinny tie (decisions are hard aren't they?)) If she doesn't give you something to work with, ask another question that shows you're interested in her but isn't too personal. Be sure to listen! Respond when appropriate and don't be boring yourself but LISTEN TO HER!! It's super important.


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