When insecurity hits?

Usually when you are insecure is that when you want attention. ? And become naggy and analyze and want to post hot pictures to attract him or her? Insecurity is loud? Confidence is silent?

Guys how do you realize a girl is insecure?


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  • The first signis that they are scared to be themselves. Insecurity is rooted in the fear of rejection; and because they fears being rejected, they pretends to be who other's want them to be. Girls who are insecure hardly speak their mind. They lack charisma and confidence in their identity; so they tend to seek affirmation in other people's words.

    The second sign of insecurity is fishing for compliments. The way this often gets done is through manipulative statements such as: 'don't you love me', or 'did you miss me', or 'don't you think I'm beautiful'? And obviously when they don't get the desired response they get even more insecure, often to the point of prostituting their emotions and bodies; and this is where they get clingy and desperate. That is the third sign.

    They will give and give, even though they don't receive back. Essentially people with deep rooted insecurity become emotional prostitutes. What does this mean? Simply put: equivalent trade. She might give sex and expects love (her form of payment). Or she sells of parts of her emotions and identity for the illusion of love and acceptance. But the fact is this is all a lie. Insecure people live in a lie. They are so lost in all this performance driven behaviour that they don't feel real or worthy of anything. This often causes depression to set in.

    I recognise insecurity by many of those behavioural traits. But this is still such a deep topic; I could write pages. I wouldn't though define confidence is a being silent as much as 'peaceful' and 'beautiful'. Insecurity on the other hand is 'ugly' and filled with 'unrest'. To me confidence is often loud, because confident people speak their minds unapologetically.

    Hope this made sense : )


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