How can I be less clingy?

i feel so unwanted by the world that when i get a boyfriend or anything close to a boyfriend i become clingy and i can't do it anymore, it needs to stop, can anyone help?


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  • Your right clingy is bad. I will give u a little advice, when I first got to college I had a friend from highschool and we hung out a lot. About 2 weeks in he said that we need to stop clinging to eachother and just force ourselves to meet new people and make our own things happen. So I suggest that u just get somethings u really care about and ignore the rest of the world and just do those things. Then ull end up not having enof time for them and theyll cling to u lol.


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  • Relax. Someone out there will love you just the way you are, no matter how "clingy" you think you get.

    • thank you :) i just dont think anyone likes a clingy girl

  • just dont be clingy


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