It's best to be honest so that no one gets hurt?

I was seeing this guy off and on for a while. We were not in a monogamous/committed relationship, so I knew he was seeing other people. In this kind of situation, when one person decides their feelings have changed about being committed with someone else, isn't it only right to communicate it to that person, be honest about it so that the other person doesn't get hurt? or do you just stop talking to that person and just let them find out the hard way you are now seriously seeing someone else? Communication is key. Regardless of the type of relationship, everyone deserves respect. Just because you are not committed, doesn't mean you just treat someone any kind of way.

I talked to the guy, he was very cold. He said he didn't owe me any explanation and that he liked me as a friend and he hoped I felt the same, and remain friends (non-physical) and respectful to his relationship that he didn't tell me about. Closure!


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  • well you answered your own q.. tell the guy... so he won't call you text etc.. cuz that can cause problems with your new boo... well anways just let him know... trust im sure hed let you know, just say " im seeing someone now and i gotta commit to them " i can't see anybody else...

    • Thanks, but he is the one im actually talking about. He didn't let me know that he is now seeing someone seriously.

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    • hahahaha forget that lame o... he's a ass... who wants to be around a ass anyways?

    • Exactly I sure don't. 36 years old, he is way too old to act the way he does!!! If he wanted me to be jealous, he needs to try harder, she can't touch me on my bad day... BOOM!!!

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  • While I think that being kind, understanding and compassionate are important, I think being honest and open is even more important, I certainly don't think these are mutually exclusive qualities, either.

    • I think that being honest and open are very important no matter what the relationship. I just feel if he was ready for more regardless if it was with someone else, he should of just communicated that.

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