Does a Facebook add mean anything?

I usually wouldn't think it did but I casually added this guy I liked maybe 3 weeks ago.
He didn't add me back so I had my friend who's really pretty add him as well to see if he added her but not me.
He didn't add her either so I figured he only adds people he knows really well.

Last week, a kid that doesn't like me thought it would be really funny to go up to this guy and tell him that I liked him and ask him if he wanted to hang out with me.

He said sure but he hasn't approached me or anything. Just a few glances.
He has a girlfriend right now which is probably why.
That's another thing, he started dating this girl after like 4 days of knowing her. He's quite smart and really positive and she's really trashy and I imagine she doesn't make very interesting conversation.

Anyway, so after this kid told him I liked him, he added me that same day and not my pretty friend. So he deliberately went through his requests and added me.

Why would he do that? To humor me for liking him or to show interest?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Why would you pursue someone who is in a relationship? That's just asking for trouble.
    The reason he would add you after the kid told him you liked him is because at that point he actually knew who you are.

    • I'm not pursuing him but I didn't just stop liking him because he's dating some trashy little broad.

      She's never around. She seems to ignore him when he tags in her stuff, she's never at school, she's not even on his level intelligence wise.
      Not to mention she started dating him while she was dating another dude.

      I liked him before he even knew her. But it's not like I'm actively trying to talk to him.
      I'm waiting for him to break up with her.

What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe he is thinking of using you as a back up plan if things don't work out with the girl he is dating.

    • See, I think he did like me before he started dating this girl because he would get really awkward when I was around.
      I'd like to think he's just realized there are better prospects at our school than what he's dating right now. From what I observed, she kind of came onto him, not the other way around.

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