How do you keep being confident?

Before i struggled with being around my best friend, because she is so pretty and dresses so nice and i was a bit jealous because i wanted to also be "special"
But throught years and growing up I've learned that i am special and beautiful in my own way, and eveyrone has their own "Specialty" and we are all pretty in our own ways, so that keeps me confident thinking that i have tons of good attributes just like her, i am my own person


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  • Jealousy between friends is ABSOLUTELY toxic.

    But here's a little something to ruin your worldly views.

    When everyone is super MUAHAHHAHA... no one will be.

    • Exactly so in order to keep my friendship with her i had to find qualities in myself, that shows that i am good enough and I've done that and we are bestfriends and we are totally different but at the same time so similar

  • Stop comparing yourself to her. Be your own person and stop caring so much about what others think.

    Although I'd say not everyone is "pretty in their own way" besides in the eyes of their parents. I've seen some ugly ducklings in my time. Some of them also had developed amazing personalities while the pretty people were nothing more than talking mannequins.


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