Any koreans or ESL teacher here that can help me?

I really want to go to korea, i love their culture, mentality ( unlike most mentality of the girls here in Canada :( ) The thing is that i want to become an English teacher in Korea, but im french canadian. Does anybody here knows if it is possible to be a teacher there, even if English is not my primary language?


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  • Are you White or Black?
    If you're , becoming an English teacher shouldn't be a problem with the proper qualification , ESL teachers are in HIGH DEMAND over there.

    However , if you're Asian or Hispanic. That's gonna be tough cos... well... Asian parents in Asia aren't really exposed to the multiculturalism common to other developed nations.

    • Im white, 5-11 179lbs double eye lid, pale skin, big eyes, V shape chin and high nose bridge ;) thats not the problem lol, its just that i dont know if public school or hagwon would like to hire someone whos English is not his main language. Anb btw, 2 question, are you korean or in korea? #2 is your name from mass effect? <3 if yes dont touch to liara, she's mine <3

    • Oh you got all the right quality already I can tell lol.
      I don't think it's going to be an issue provided that you don't have too heavy of an accent.
      I'm not in Korea atm , kinda... drifting about really.

      From Hong Kong , went to South Korea for a few months and now I'm in Canada lol.
      Back when I was helping out in an ESF school English School Foundation- , we had a few teachers who spent a few years in South Korea , we had Germans , French , Belgians , Welsh , all sorta teachers from all across the world. As long as you can speak perfect English (RP preferred) English not being your first language won't be an issue.

      Also , yes.
      Not gonna touch liara , she's rather... uninteresting but I do have plans for her :)