I think my crush is interested in my best friend?

PLEASE HELP! So my crush is my friend of friend. He's not really my friend. I saw him several times when I hang out with my best friend, and one time he asked my best friend who I was since I look "familiar" he thinks he saw me somewhere :/ Anyway my best friend and him have no idea that I have a crush on him, so she tells me everything about how he flirts with her a bit (he doesn't flirt with everyone). Today she told me he asked her to hang out!! And she said she isn't looking for a relationship, but she's my best friend I know she's kinda a "player" type of girl so she flirts but isn't serious about anyone. Anyway I have a crush on him, what do I do now? Should I tell her? How do I tell him since he seems to be interested in my best friend? I don't know what to do right now please help!


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  • Ask if your friend if she sees herself going out with him

    • She says "depends on my mood" :/ She says she doesn't even know, she likes him but not so much so but time will give her an answer. She can go on dates with him but no commitment yet. She's very confusing... :/

  • Make a move or forever hold your peace.


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