Should I thank him again and apologize for my friends?

So I went out with this guy today. We went to a popular eatery, and he paid and bought drinks. Of course, since it is such a popular spot, my friends just happened to show up before either of us got there. We sat inside, they sat outside. At one point I stupidly pointed out oh hey I know those people, but I was worried that it made him uncomfortable even though my friends were there by coincidence. Anyways, after hanging out for a couple hours he suggested since he had to go that I should go so hi to my friends. We hugged goodbye, and I said thanks and to let me know if he'd like to hang out again. I guess I'm just wondering whether this could of made things too awkward for him. I didn't want him to think I was embarrassed, but it's a first date so you don't meet friends! Should I just say, thanks again (even though I already said thank you) and sorry about my friends being there... or just leave it? I'm leaning toward just leaving it and seeing if he texts. I actually liked him, though, so that why I'm taking time to ask!


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  • He will get back to you if he really likes you. There is no need to apologize. He understands that your friends showed up and even if it bothered him, it's not a big deal.
    You won't like him in the long run anyway if he is too possessive and tries to keep you from your friends.
    If he doesn't contact you and you are really into him, just give him a call at the weekend and ask if he wants to go out. And this time, choose a place that's more calm and less popular so that you two can concentrate on each other with minimum distractions.
    If he is comfortable, he might even tell you if it bothered him that your friends showed up on the first date.
    If he felt bad then its actually a good sign since he was really interested in you and wanted to spend more time with you.

    Have fun.

    • Thanks good advice. I've noticed that any situation, maybe it's just a coincidence, where I've taken more of a lead on things hasn't really worked out. So I'm trying the thanks at the end of the date and waiting for the text/call.

    • I suggest you wait till he texts but set the weekend as the limit.
      Feel free to move on if he doesn't contact you by then or if you personally are really interested in him, text him on Monday :)

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  • You did done good. What was his vibe?

    • I honestly really couldn't read his vibe. He didn't seem like the stealthiest dater that would get all the girls, but I liked him alway. I guess that's why I wonder these things if you like someone but they seem less confident in dating.

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  • no dont keep thanking him and apologizing... you did that already... it is possible he could of felt uncomfortable but at the same time maybe he really had something to do... give him time to hit you up , if he doesn't hit you up in 2 days then hit him up