House date enthusiast?

I met this guy online. I knew he wasn't fake because she snapchatted and Skyped together frequently. I found them funny and pretty cool although I didn't really have any feelings for him because I tend to develop feelings pretty slowly until I fully know a person, for the most part. So he finally asked me when he could see me. I said are you asking me on a date? He said yes I am. I agreed I told him that I didn't want to go on a date with him so we proceeded to go out that weekend. He told me that our date was going to be at his house and that he was going to cook for me. I found a pretty odd because I don't do first dates at a house but at this point I said to myself whatever. So we had a good time after we age we hung out in his living room watching funny videos on youtube, and then he took me home. A few days later he wanted to see me again, he wanted me to join him so that we could watch UFC fights together. I asked him where will we watch then? He said at my house because everybody bailed on me and I'm broke lol. What does this mean?, I don't want to seem like a gold digger, but it seems retarded for me to get dolled up just to be taken outside of my house and placed in another one.

I made a few grammatical errors but I'm talking a bout a male, and I'm female. Just to clear confusion
I told him that I did* want to go on a date. Sorry, my keyboard is glitching


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  • Yeah, people are weird. You were pretty brave for meeting up with him at his place for the first date. I myself would be a bit uncomfortable bringing someone I didn't know so well into my home.

    He's probably a lazy f*ck like the rest of us guys, tell him you're more of a going-out-on-a-date-type person and see if he runs with it. If he doesn't get the message, feel free to dump his cheap ass.

    I like a house date as much as the next guy, but even I will admit it could get boring. You know, you can sit at home and watch the tube when you're 70 and don't feel like doing jack. Use your youth while you got it!


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  • Mmmm that wouldn't be me, if someone cooks for you yeah that is a nice gesture but not first date your ment to take a woman out show her a nice time make her see that you have a lot to offer not just going to his house for food you can do that at home by yourself then to invite you to just watch fighting at his ah ah no way he isn't that interested he hasn't put any effort in to show you that he is worth getting involved with if anything he is showing you that he doesn't want to shell money to spend time with you so if. you start on that road he is never going to put the effort in for you, because he didn't have to at first so why should he further down the line and if you get further down the line and question his actions or lack of he will make a big thing of it and how you are wrong trust me i have seen hundreds of my friends family and acquaintances go threw this type of relationship and they only end up miserable.

    • Thank you so much for your opinion, and yeah I agree :)

    • hundreds

    • Maybe not hundreds but the term is used in the UK as hell of a lot