Why is this get ignoring out of the blue? How can I get his attention again? Please help?

out a week i went to a party and there this guy started talking to me and we were flirting and everything we added each other on fb exchanged numbers and everything and then all of a sudden started ignoring me. I guess he figured out i have a boyfriend which i kept avoiding to say that i had one. when we were at the party he had his hands around me and all constantly touching me and i guess i was pretty flirty too. my boyfriend left for uni and i stayed to finish my final year in high school. its been a month already and I don't know what to do i kind of want to break up because the distance is really big and we won't be going to the same uni next year...

why did this guy just ignore me all of a sudden? What should i do? would it be weird if i asked me to go catch a movie as friends? Why as friends because I have a boyfriend and i also want to break up with my boyfriend I don't want to do long distance


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  • He was probably definitely interested in you but when he saw you had a bf he didn't want to be disrespectful and get in the middle of anything. I would either break up with your bf if you don't like yalls relationship and then hang out with the other guy or either just keep things the way they are. He probably doesn't just want to hang out as friends if he really does like you. Hope this helps

  • Well if he found out you had a boyfriend he's probably pissed you lied to him.

    • I never lied I just never answered his question and ignored It and turned the conversation in another direction

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    • My boyfriend kinda knows it's gonna happen and I really just need someone who is physically gonna be here it's like someone who you can actually see face to face not Skype to Skype. What pushed me away is that for the last 2 years he was over protective and I been asking to go to this ultra music festival next year and he is like no and so many other things so I guess I got tired of being told what is not okay with him for me to do and until like 2 weeks ago he had no interest to go out. If I wanted to try a drink he would not be too happy about it. And I guess this guy being around and just holding his hands around me made me realise how much I actually miss it and how I don't want to like keep waiting around for my boyfriend to come back every few months so I would live my life onlywith him

    • Like to be honest after 2 years I'm not really looking to get into another long serious relationship. I'm still so young and I been with my boyfriend since I was 15 and it was such a serious relationship i kinda ended up losing my self I became serious and forgot to have fun while growing up. And this guy seems to be up for going out and having fun. I don't mean I want to go out and get trashed but just go out and not get into an argument because I wanted a drink or was not paying enlighten attention to my boyfriend.

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